About Guardians Of The Green Mile

Who are we?

We are,

Guardians of the Green Mile Inc., a group of individuals that acts as a liaison between kill shelters and animal rescue groups. In May of 2014 we started doing our own adoptions. We still truly believe that it takes a village to save a life. In the past we have partnered with many recues by sponsoring the vetting of the animals. And in some cases we pull dogs (and sometimes cats or other pets) from euthanasia lists when their time is up from the shelter and transfer them to reputable rescues that have not yet been approved at the shelter. Through donations and adoption fees and fundraisers, we pay for all vetting for the pet through McAfee Animal Hospital in Valparaiso, In. "Full vetting" includes all vaccines, heartworm test (and treatment if needed), a fecal (and treatment if needed), spay or neuter, microchip, Veterinarian examination, dental (if needed) and any other medical/grooming care the animal might need. Once the dog (or cat, etc.) is completely vetted, we will then place them into an approved foster home to get them healed up and ready to be adopted. We also work with local rescues to find a foster home in their network. At that point, the pet becomes part of the receiving rescue if it is transferred.

How Does This Benefit The Animals?
By acting as a liaison between shelters and rescues, we are able to focus on fundraising efforts which allows us to help dogs with more complicated cases such as animals with mange, heartworm positive, hit by car, etc. This gives a second chance to the dogs that so desperately need it when the odds are stacked against them.

How Does This Benefit Receiving Rescues?
When we have a vetted dog that needs placement, many times we recruit a new foster home. This foster home can be picked up by any approved rescue that offers to accept the dog into their program. At that time, the foster home must follow the guidelines that the rescue has for all of their other foster homes (home checks, vet references, etc.). By picking up new foster homes, rescues can grow bigger and help more animals! Additionally, the receiving rescues are NEVER charged to take a Guardian dog into their program so when the dog is adopted out, they get to keep 100% of the adoption fee. This will pay for the vetting of the next dog they rescue! So, every time a Guardian dog is taken into a rescue, it saves several lives! Please consider joining our fight against the pet overpopulation problem! If you are a rescue and you would like to help us in our mission, you must be a 501(c)3 rescue. You must be licensed (if applicable in your state). You must have a vet reference you can provide and you must submit a copy of your adoption contract/policy to us at guardiansofthegreenmile@gmail.com.

Our Mission
To help animals that would otherwise be euthanized due to breed, space restrictions or medical needs.

GOT Green Mile?

In the past, GOTGM worked as a liaison between shelters and rescues. Pulling dogs from euthanasia lists, vetting them and then transfering them to preapproved and reputable rescues. As our group grows and evolves, so has our mission. We are now doing our own adoptions! While we still work closely with many other rescues, we have opened up our own adoption plan as well, allowing for more dogs to find their forever homes!

We have volunteer temperament testers that help us determine who needs us most. If you'd like to volunteer as a temperament tester for us, please use the, "Contact Us" page to send us a message!

If you are a shelter that would like to work with us, please contact us! You'll need to submit a copy of your 501(c)3 paperwork and a copy of your adoption contract to us. A list of our approved rescues can be found on our Facebook page!

TOGETHER we can make a difference!